The Creature from the Pit

When the first kid disappeared nobody panicked. Nobody even thought twice about it at first, because it was a ball pit and a ball pit is a place for children to hide.

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I, myself, remember always wanting nothing more than to burrow into that glorious vat of plastic spheres and let them muffle the voices of the screaming throng of kids around me. Of course, this all took place when I was 7. I haven’t even been near a ball pit after what happened that day.


The Dark Sensations of Psychological Suffering


Top of Form Protracted depression is a state that can distress countless persons; however, the way it affected me is difficult to explain. Having lost my capital in the stock market at some point in the breakdown of 1987 (when the market knocked out over and above twenty percent in a single day) I lost quite a bit of capital. I became so hopeless that suicide was honestly my last resort at concluding my distressing and bodily soreness. Those were the times when I was frequently not contemplating unmistakably. The state of affairs that life hurled at me really blunted my sanity.

It looked as if I was powerless to understand that there may be other ways to handle my pain. Actually I never wanted to expire but simply wished for the pain I was undergoing to discontinue. Prolonged gloominess had made me feel valueless and it appeared as if I had no other alternatives at hand.

bathtub suicideOne day I was sitting in my living room convincing myself to toddle into a sizeable body of water or immersing a live electric device in an occupied bath tub so as to meet death by electric tremor or gash the wrists or jump from a high rise building to the roadway below and so on. Out of the blue…….. The door buzzer tinkled………I paced to the door with an unsteady gait……….and unbolted it at a snail’s pace….. “Are you Mark Daniel?” inquired a young boy clothed in denims and a short-sleeved casual top. (more…)