darkhousepublishingDarkhouse Publishing is the best when it comes to the darkest of horror books and differing types of the dark fiction novels. To spread the imagination across all realms, and understand that there is a light and a dark side to the imagination, and it’s important to be able to understand how to use both. Plus, thinking and imagining dark fictitious tales can be kind of exciting.

The goal of Darkhouse is to create a sensory explosion in the readers mind that can cause their heart rate to bounce all over the place while reading. Since it is apparent from the reviews of our readers how tense some of the reading can get, we make sure to utilize our understanding of how people read to make it easier to do so. Our novels create an easy to follow experience through the proper formatting and sensory fitting language of the wording and phrases used by our authors.

Fiction is the type of writing that does not have and types of boundaries. The best kind of fiction is one that can utilize the theme of a narrative to create characters and a cultural sense that is understood by any person that reads our tales.

If you wish to submit a tale written by yourself for publishing, it must follow these guidelines:

  1. We like fictitious dark tales that can cross the lines of different genres and can entice a new audience into the Darkhouse way of reading.
  2. Written by someone who can form coherent words and has the ability to tell an engaging story.
  3. Frightening, disturbing, and full of suspense are positive attributes in the books that we accept.
  4. Over the line sexual themes, repulsive, nauseating, and hateful are things that we will blacklist writers for submitting.

We want all the books that we offer to be completely affordable to all types of wannabe readers. We usually will always use paperback prints so people can purchase your books at a reasonable price point.

If you wish to submit your book, pleaseĀ Darkest@darkhousepublishing.com