Oakland Alley Walking

It’s daytime in Oakland. It’s normal enough. I just got out of school and I have to walk home. It’s near the end of October so the sun is going down a lot faster than usual, but I have some daylight to work with, it should be no bother.

oakland sunset

I don’t walk incredibly fast home, but instead take my time walking. Mom’s boyfriend brought bed bugs into the house and I’m tired of being there being bit all day every day, all night every night. I showed her a blog post about how to kill bed bugs¬†last night, but I doubt she has read it or done anything about them. Her infatuation for her boyfriend and lack of care or worry about me is frustrating right now. I’d rather face the streets of Oakland at night than deal with that tonight. Maybe I’ll take a different way home. (more…)

Lurking in the Dark

hiding under the bed

One of the greatest fears of anyone, no matter how brave they may think they are is the split second of wondering what may lurk in the dark. This fear is known as Nyctophobia.

The day and night often come with two different types of mentalities for all different types of people. No matter the type of person, no matter how courageous a person may believe themselves to be, there is always a cautious mystery that stirs in the mind when pondering what exactly is lurking in the shadows?

Even the most brawn and tough individuals all have their fears that they carry through their lives.¬† (more…)