The Boogie Man Clown

The first day the clown appeared was a Wednesday. Carl knew this because he was at Oliver’s house and he was at Oliver’s house every Wednesday. His mom had arranged it with Oliver’s mom at the beginning of the school year because her new boss made every employee at the company work late one day a week and Wednesday was his mom’s day.

house with clown across street

Carl and Oliver had heard about the scary clown phenomena, as had every 5th grader in his school, but they hadn’t known anyone who had personally seen one.

Until that day, they had thought all the scary clowns were in different states, different towns and different zip codes. But here one was, right outside, under the lamp post across the street.

Oliver saw him first. They were playing in the yard, running around the house playing Stormtrooper invasion. Carl had Oliver cornered and then he saw Oliver’s face lose all color as he looked at something over Carl’s shoulder.

two brothers playing

Carl turned and felt an immediate feeling of dread. The clown was just across the street, standing, smiling a fake made-up smile, faintly honking a little horn and, worst of all, he was staring right at them.

In a flash the two boys ran in the house, looked out the window and yelled for Oliver’s mom to call the police. But when she finally came to look out the window, the clown was gone.

It was hard to sleep that night but then as the week went on with no sign of the clown, the memory faded as memories do. But on the following Wednesday it came back. When Carl walked in to Oliver’s house, he could see it on Oliver’s face. He had seen the clown again.

As it turns out, Oliver had seen the clown every day since the Wednesday before. He saw him at the grocery store, at the movies, at the park and, of course, across the street. But the most unnerving place of all was when Oliver saw him standing on his front lawn the day before.

It seemed to be that a boundary had been broken. And that was unsettling. But not more unsettling than where the clown was standing right now: on the roof of Oliver’s garage. This time, Oliver called the police but when they came and found nothing, they told the boys to stay off the internet and not to believe everything they read online.

scary smiling clown

Oliver disappeared the next day. He never showed up at school. His parents organized a neighborhood search party but they never found anything. He was gone. Of course Carl knew who took him. But no one else would listen.

Why am I writing this down? Because Carl is my brother. And Carl is gone too. Carl saw the clown in our yard last week. He disappeared a few days later. Of course, that makes me very sad. But right now, I have bigger problems. The clown is on my porch. He is staring at me as I write this. I am emailing this along with a picture to everyone I know and every friend I have on social media.

This is my story and I want it to be shared. Because in a few hours, I will probably be gone too. Maybe he gets you when you fall asleep. I don’t actually know but for now, I’m staring at him and it’s keeping him at bay. But I’m getting tired and my eyelids are drooping. Soon I will be asleep. So, tomorrow, if I am heard from no more, know that he got me. And heed this warning: Keep an eye out. Look around. And when you see him, never take your eyes off of the clown.

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