Getting Lost In California

You may think that this is going to be a fun story about getting lost on the beaches of the warm San Diego coastline where we stumble into a bar  and end up at a house party having the time of our lives as we party until sunset with the wealthy people of the Fortune 500 companies. It’s not one of those stories.

This story is about getting lost in the woods on a windy night in the forests of Humboldt County in Northern California. When people talking about exploring California, this is the kind of true California explorations that people will write home to their parents about.

Have you been to Humboldt? If you have, then you may be familiar with the type of abstract culture that the area is all about. Humboldt, to be honest, is a pretty messed up town. Lots of drugs flow in and out of the area and there are tons of operations taking place in the dense forests of the county. That’s where our story begins.

When you have a gut feeling about something being wrong, you should listen to your gut and get out of the circumstance. If you wait too long without listening to your gut, then you will soon find out what your gut was trying to tell you. I should have listened.


After I left Oakland following my graduation of high school, I decided to go to Humboldt State University. The school is relatively good and most of the students actually want to go to college to get a degree and perhaps enjoy the true nature beauties that lie across the Northern California coastline. The ecosystem of Humboldt is absolutely lovely.

Like any school, there are good students, and there are bad apples. I got mixed up with the bad apples.

After my first semester where I figured I could coast through school easily, I started to mess around with people I should have probably tried to avoid. I found myself at a lot of house kickbacks that seemed fun, while I was under the influence of drugs. The nights seemed to be more exciting every night, and I started to get carried away.

As the first summer hit, I was done with school, and I had a lot more time for partying. One night, I found myself in the woods at an RV party on the land of a pot grow.At one point, somebody brought out a meth pipe and started to smoke crystals. I had never done this before, but I wasn’t going to be a downer and get mad at anyone else. I politely declined, and ended up being the only one not taking part.

The night started to get a little strange at this point. After everyone took their hits of meth, it seemed like they got amped up all of a sudden. We soon left the RV and started to roam around the plot of land we were on. Everyone around me was been really loud and kind of crazy and erratic in their personalities, and it started to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

At about 3 am, there was an argument between the host of the party and his girlfriend, and, being high on meth, they started really getting into it. It escalated so quickly to the point where the girlfriend actually through a rock at her boyfriends head, and knocked him.Now, I’m not sure whether he was knocked out or what, but I started to run and not wait to find out.

A friend brought me to the RV, once I started running, I realized that I had no idea where I was. I could still hear screaming from the group I was with after running about a half mile away. Fear started to take over in me, and I started to get nervous when the sounds of them started to become closer. To compound the fact of this, my surroundings were becoming very peculiar. This part of the forest didn’t look like it just belonged to the nature, it seemed there was probably a lot of human activity. Just as I thought this, a net trap sprung from the ground and went into the tree just missing me. I was terrified.

I no longer wanted to run for fear of getting caught in a trap, but I was also scared to be standing still because of the commotion I brought to myself.

I could hear the ocean nearby, I watched my steps carefully as I decidedly moved toward the ocean. As I moved closer and the sounds of the waves got louder, the shrieking sounds of voices also got louder. I moved quicker than ever towards the ocean, but it sounded below me instead of at eye level. As the trees started to clear, I could hear the group right behind me over the sounds of the ocean. I started sprinting towards an opening in the forest. Right as the forest opened up, I slipped, I was standing on the edge of a cliff….

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