The Scariest Movie I’ve Ever Watched

I’m fully aware of scary movies getting bad reviews lately. I think it’s because Hollywood hasn’t done the best of jobs creating realistic, modern scary movies. Making and producing a scary movie is not an easy task for any film director to accomplish. It is a hard thing to make people feel invaded when there in the comfy, warm, secure movie theater or family room.

movie theater comfy

Rarely will you see movies on the market that really have that frightening factor, making people jump out of their seats with fear. There are too many movies on the market that have a cheesy appearance or outright annoying plot that doesn’t make sense at all.

Many people remember the ancient days with the cheesy, old movies with people doing stupid things to heighten the adrenaline pumping fear, most people desire when watching a scary movie in the first place.

I’m a big movie fanatic, and in my experience the scariest movie I’ve ever seen was The Conjuring. The Conjuring was 100% responsible for giving me nightmares for the following two nights. It isn’t an everyday event that you see such a detailed, perfectly directed movie. There were so many different points throughout the movie that truly made me jump from my seat.

the conjuring scary movie

The music also was incredible. It’s one thing to have scary music in the movie, but when you have chilling music that makes your spine peak- it’s always a good feeling.

The basic plot of the movie is basically about a family that moves into a haunted house in Connecticut. They soon encounter the dangerous spirits of the previous family, and have a scary awakening when they keep noticing weird things happened in the house. Towards the end of the movie, the mother in the family is taken over by the spirit. The mother becomes a dangerous person to deal with. The father of the family must flee with the two daughters, and gets the police & sheriffs to take over the situation.

the conjuring scary plot

If you’ve never seen the movies, you still have plenty of time to check it out. When the right time comes up, take your family or loved one with you to check out the movie. If it’s not online to watch, there’s a good chance it’s in stores somewhere.

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