The Dark Houses

We procured an ancient dwelling, my hubby Michael and I. When we told our friends and acquaintances that we had bought a very old house, the question was, ‘Are there any ghosts in that house?’ Both of us would laugh it away hysterically. That house retained an appealing allure and we promptly fell under its enchantment. However, the owner of that house was an elderly woman named Nancy, who seemed emotionally attached to the house but at the same time, there was an air of discomfort about her…that was somehow undesirable for me. Since Michael were all for it, I had to submit to his preference.

It appeared as if Nancy treasured the abode with each bit of her personality. In some way, I felt irritated and uncalled-for when she passionately sang praises of that house in a non-stop style.  For me it was the earliest time to reside in such an aged residence. I was a bit harassed by its history and by visualizing all the residents and proceedings of life that would have taken place under its timber.

“Why do you plan to get rid of this house if you love it so much?” was my valid question when Michael forced me to have a conversation with Nancy over a cup of tea.

“I am too old to look after it; besides my son has asked me to shift to the old peoples’ home,” Nancy retorted.

To make a long story short, Michael and I shifted to our new abode on 4th March 2013. Since Michael and I had married in a private ritual in front of merely twelve visitors (and ever since our walking down the aisle, we had lived in a rented apartment) so it was my utmost desire that I should invite Michael’s parents to come and live with us at least for a couple of weeks. When Michael heard this, he was a bit reluctant on the grounds that his parents were better off living in another state. But there was some burden on my conscious that after all Michael was their son and should have invited them in the marriage ceremony. So I personally invited them to join us at the earliest and be there at the house warming party. They fulfilled our request and joined us a month after we had moved into the new house.

The moment my mother-in-law (a seventy year old lady) stepped into the house, she missed her step and had to be rushed to the hospital where we learnt that she had broken her pelvic bone and will be hospitalized for not less than six weeks. Michael got disturbed by this incident and went down in the dumps.

The next morning, he was preparing breakfast for his dad, when the wooden floor of the kitchen caught an inexplicable fire which engulfed a large area of the house. My father-in-law sustained 80 percent burns and had to be rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his burn injuries. His burial had to be arranged in a crisis. After the burial ceremony of my father in law, while we were heading towards our new home, a strange incident happened. Michael was sitting on the driver’s seat while I was settled next to him. All of a sudden a black cat appeared from somewhere and interrupted our way; within no time the cat transformed into ……………..Nancy—–the woman from whom we had bought the new house. Nancy was laughing like crazy………………….

“Oh Michael, we have bought a haunted house,” I heard myself mumbling….. But Michael was no more in this world. Somebody had strangulated him to death very secretively. What was I supposed to do now? Where to go?

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